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Custom Rolling Pizza Racks

Why use Lloyd Pans’ Rolling Tower Pizza Racks?

Designed For Durability

LloydPans has elevated the engineering of pizza and bakery racks, using a combination of a lightweight aluminum frame with stainless steel wire racks. Our rounded-edge stainless steel racks are perfectly designed for your busy operation. The rounded edges better absorb the inevitable crashing of pans into the rack, creating a smoother transition and extending the shelf life of the rack and your pans.


Eliminate black dust and grime

Most pizza and bakery racks are constructed with bare aluminum frames and bare aluminum racks, causing oxidation and black marks to appear on the rack and pans. Lloyd Pans uses stainless steel wire racks, eliminating any black dust or grime that may taint your products.

Custom-built pizza racks

Our standard racks fit the needs of most pizza operations, but Lloyd Pans also has you covered if you have a custom request for your racks. Do you want your rack to hold only 17 pans, but you need a 3-inch clearance between each shelf? Lloyd Pans will design and make your custom pizza rack. Any size or shelf clearance is available. 

Rolling Racks
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