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About PizzaTools

The PizzaTools website is a sales channel for LloydPans products focused on the pizza industry and serious home pizza makers.

With LloydPans, you get more than a supplier of rugged products that can withstand the punishing abuse in a busy commercial kitchen -- you get the manufacturer. And, you get a whole lot more…like an entire team of knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping your business thrive.

Our pans are built from heavy gauge aluminum and are precision engineered to give professional and consistent baking results. We have been manufacturing pizza pans for over 30 years and supply some of the largest pizza chains in the world. These are not like the pans you buy in a retail gourmet store and they are not in fancy or colorful packaging. They are the pans that professional pizzerias use every day.

Our LloydPans site lists all of our products and include the baking and restaurant industries. If you can't find what you are looking for at in size, shape or capability, visit where you can find all our products, both stock and non-stock. For special applications, LloydPans offers custom-designed baking pans that can made to your specifications. Visit to find out more.


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