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Steam Release Serving Tray

Steam Release From Oven To Table

Pizza hot out of the oven still has steam to release and this stand allows the bottom crust to continue releasing moisture as it cools. Customers will appreciate the crisp, dry-crust pizza as it goes from your oven to tray to table. Perfect for slice applications where pizza is held in a warmer or display.

  • 12 inch and 14 inch: 18 gauge aluminum
  • 16 inch and 18 inch: 14 gauge aluminum
  • Folded-down feet leave 7/8 inch clearance
  • Perforations result in 40% open airflow
  • Sized 3” larger in diameter than their rated size

Prevent Soggy Crust

  • Perforations allow steam to release
  • Helps prevent soggy crust
  • Keeps pizza crisp and dry

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